Excel 3

Excel Intermediate 2013


Lesson 1: Streamlining Workflow

  • Topic 1A: Create a Macro
  • Topic 1B: Edit a Macro
  • Topic 1C: Customize Access to Excel Commands
  • Topic 1D: Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Topic 1E: Add Data Validation Criteria
  • Topic 1F: Update a Workbook’s Properties
  • Topic 1G: Modify Excel’s Default Settings

Lesson 2: Collaborating with Others

  • Topic 2A: Protect Files
  • Topic 2B: Share a Workbook
  • Topic 2C: Set Revision Tracking
  • Topic 2D: Review Tracked Revisions
  • Topic 2E: Merge Workbooks
  • Topic 2F: Adjust Macro Settings
  • Topic 2G: Administer Digital Signatures

Lesson 3: Auditing Worksheets

  • Topic 3A: Trace Cell Precedents
  • Topic 3B: Trace Cell Dependents
  • Topic 3C: Locate Errors in Formulas
  • Topic 3D: Locate Invalid Data and Formulas
  • Topic 3E: Watch and Evaluate Formulas
  • Topic 3F: Group and Outline Data

Lesson 4: Analyzing Data

  • Topic 4A: Create a Trendline
  • Topic 4B: Create Scenarios
  • Topic 4C: Perform What-If Analysis
  • Topic 4D: Develop a PivotTable© Report
  • Topic 4E: Develop a PivotChart© Report
  • Topic 4F: Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • Topic 5A: Create a Workspace
  • Topic 5B: Consolidate Data
  • Topic 5C: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
  • Topic 5D: Edit Links

Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Data

  • Topic 6A: Export to Microsoft Word
  • Topic 6B: Import a Word Table
  • Topic 6C: Import Text Files

Lesson 7: Structuring XML Workbooks

  • Topic 7A: Develop XML Maps
  • Topic 7B: Import, Add, and Export XML Data
  • Topic 7C: Manage XML Workbooks
  • Topic 7D: Apply XML View Options

Course Hours:

4 to 8 hours